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A true local spot in Brasilia

Our destination today is Brasília, the capital of Brazil.

Local friend Maira shows us one of her favorite places in town and tell us more about why it is special to her and what to expect when you visit:

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It is a beautiful place with a breathtaking view of Lake Paranoá, located just a 10 minutes drive away from the pilot road bus station, in the South Lake region, circled by Lake Paranoá.

Currently it features six restaurants, including seafood, Japanese food and a bar with several strip tastes. They usually have an average price – not cheap, but worth it: it is possible to have a 500ml açaí bowl for BRL 15 (view included ; )

Another great spot is the Deck that surrounds the lake, where people park the boats and use the photogenic scenery to produce (professional or not) photo shoot sessions. Visitors also use the deck to hike, chill and relax, enjoy a glass of wine and the view of Lake Paranoá and the JK Bridge – the sunset there is breathtaking.

The place also has public bathroom facilities and a wide free parking lot, as well as a children’s playground. Cultural festivals take place on the Pontão: at the moment the 7th Winter Festival is taking place there, with an open skating rink, open air cinema, music, children’s programs and several restaurants in the food court of Ice Park – Winter Festival June 21 To August 13, 2017.

Tickets for access to the park and the skating rink can only be purchased at the box office of the event, installed at Pontão, from June 24. Skating rink: from 17h to 0h. Tickets: Access to the Park: BRL 5 (Monday to Thursday) and BRL 10 (Friday to Sunday). Skating rink (30 min.) – BRL 30 reais (Monday through Thursday) and BRL 50 (Friday to Sunday).

“It is a place I love in Brasilia and whenever I can, I take my visitors, tourists, traveling friends and family to stroll and enjoy the afternoon on the Pontão,” says Maira.

Come and see, watch the sunset, feel the incredible breeze from Lake Paranoá, relax, enjoy the moment and take beautiful pictures! Maira will be delighted to take her visitors to see this place with a magical vibe and a breathtaking view of one of Brasilia’s most famous postcards – Paranoá Lake and JK Bridge.



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