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Exploring NYC with an Experience Curator

Our Local Friend Fernanda, from Behind The Scenes NYC, was out in New York with Experience Curator, Andrew Chen. Andrew was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He has lived and studied in major international cities between Taipei, Shanghai, Paris, London, before moving to New York. He has built a solid background in luxury and fashion throughout his career in LVMH, Bergdorf Goodman, Gilt Groupe and Issey Miyake before he founded “My Inspire Project”, a platform specialised in Experiential Marketing, Digital Strategy and Content Generation. In this video he shares 5 of his favourite local tips from NYC:

#1 Jia Lounge #2 Café Medi #3 David Lewis Galler #4 Agern #5 The Apartment by The Line

Known as the trendsetter, living expert and unique character among his circles, Andrew started sharing his discovery across fashion, art, entertainment, design, travel, hospitality and real estate categories on his platform and has established a network and community of global elites, celebrities, press/editors, travel enthusiast and creative minds across North America, Asia and Western Europe. He also partners with renowned organisations and businesses to curate special events and create one-of-a-kind experience throughout exclusive venues in the world.

Andrew believes Authenticity, Exclusivity and Individuality are the core values of the new luxurious experience (and so do we! :)). This summer, Andrew and his team are preparing to launch their online lifestyle channel and take their story and journey into the next level.

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Article and video by Local Friend Fernanda in NYC

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Local Friend Fernanda NYC
Local Friend Fernanda in NYC

“Founder and CEO of Behind the Scenes NYC! Brazilian and in love with New York! Behind the Scenes NYC (BTSNYC) is a collection of tips of NYC, away from the touristy places. After all, the best part of a trip is “uncovering” the cool spots that only locals know about! We just love exploring the city! NYC has amazing suppliers of all kinds, for all pockets/budgets and far away from the touristy, crowded commonly visited places!”

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